Calm your mind

Achieve daily balance and focus with the Nightly ritual

Feel better in the morning

Wake you up at the best possible moment so that you feel invigorated

Fall asleep easily

Doze off smoothly accompanied by relaxing music

Improve your sleep habits

Understand your sleep patterns and learn how to make your sleep better

Limit your nightmares

Limit your nightmares with the Nightly innovative technology

Stay drug-free

Make your sleep better without unnecessary pills or potions

People who frequently experience nightmares often report massively reduced sleep quality. Nightmares affect daytime functioning in terms of reducing general well- being, increasing anxiety before sleep and after nightmares and correspond with negative mood and higher stress before and after sleep [1]. Patients who have their nightmares successfully treated appear to have better sleep quality, feel more rested on awakening, and report less daytime fatigue and sleepiness, and improvement in their symptoms of insomnia [2,3,4].

1. Paul F, Schredl M, Alpers GW, Nightmares affect the experience of sleep quality but not sleep architecture: an ambulatory polysomnographic study. Paul et al. Borderline Personality Disorder and Emotion Dysregulation (2015) 2:3 DOI 10.1186/s40479-014-0023-4.

2. DeViva JC, Zayfert C, Mellman TA. Factors associated with insomnia among civilians seeking treatment for PTSD: An exploratory study. Behav Sleep Med. 2004;2:162–76.

3. Krakow B, Artar A, Warner TD, et al. Sleep disorder, depression, and suicidality in female sexual assault survivors. Crisis. 2000;21:163–70.

4. Zayfert C, DeViva J. Residual insomnia following cognitive behavioral therapy for PTSD. J Trauma Stress. 2004;17:69–73.

How it works

Choose a relaxing theme

Before falling asleep choose a theme and watch a video which will help you focus and relax

Fall asleep

Put your phone in the corner of your bed and fall asleep with the accompanying sounds

Set an alarm

Set a smart alarm that will wake you up at the best possible moment

Sleep tight

Nightly will play short sounds at specific moments of your sleep so that your dreams don’t become nightmares

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Over 500 papers

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* according to the study by the Association for the Study of Dreams

How Nightly helped Lydia sleep better

Before joining the Nightly community, Lydia had nightmares almost everyday. You can see how the Nightly ritual helped her sleep better by lowering the number of nightmares

It takes only 2 minutes in the evening and I know I won’t have nightmares. I got used to that. It makes me feel very safe now.

Lydia L.

What our testers say about Nightly

What our testers ask us most frequently

Yes. If you worry about some electric waves being released by the app, we must disappoint you – the app is not fancy enough to do so. The app just plays certain sounds at certain moments. But.. if you still don’t feel 100% safe with your phone right next to you, turn on the airplane mode. This way no electric waves will be emitted by your phone.

Good question! To work properly, the app needs to collect information about your movements at night. The phone is collecting it while lying in bed with you, so that’s the only way to do it. You can also place it under the sheet.

Nope. Actually, the app doesn’t influence the phases of your sleep but rather adapts to your natural sleep stages to do its job.

Yes. If you quit the app by accident (for example to check this cute cat gif that your friend just sent you), make sure to turn it back on.

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